Sean Lacey – Arms & Militaria

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Located on the First Floor at the Back

Sean deals in all things militaria related from Guns & Bullets, to Uniforms and much more!

3 thoughts on “Sean Lacey – Arms & Militaria

  1. Hi

    I have these 2 prints of Harrier jump jets, the one is from an air strike in the falklands and signed by the pilot commander Sharkey Ward.

    Would you be interested, as I’d like them Go to the right person/ collector.

    Many Thanks
    Scott Kerr

  2. Please find this seller in Jacobs market…. Brought large quartz geode at amazing price, highly highly recommended any buyers /collectors of crystals, minerals and fossils to take a visit to check out items at fab prices and spend with /support these lovely people who are so so friendly, helpful and decent folk.

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