Eames Vintage Tea Party hire

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Eames Vintage Teaparty Hire

Crockery Hire for Weddings, Christenings,Baby Showers, Anniversaries &Parties.

Trio (Teacup, Saucer & Side plate)  £1.20

Duo (Teacup & Saucer )  £0.80

Side Plate   £0.50

Teaspoon  £0.10

Cake fork  £0.10

Knife  £0.10

Milk jug  £1.00

Sugar bowl  £1.00

Sugar tongs  £1.00

Glass bowl (sfor bon bons)  £1.00

Tea strainer  £1.00

Teapot/Coffee Pot  £3.50

Sandwich Plate  £1.50

Cake stand (glass, one tier)  £1.50

Cake stand (two tier)  £2.00

Cake stand (three tier)  £3.00

Cake slice  £1.00

Many Props available eg.Vintage typewriter, Wishing Tree, Vintage Suitcases, Candelabras, Picture Frames, Bunting & many more items including floral table arrangements which are available on request please request a full brochure 07806773069

One thought on “Eames Vintage Tea Party hire

  1. Good morning. I have a family heirloom tea set which is 150+ years old. Would you be interested in it? Also I have various bits and pieces from my great grandparents’ house which may be of interest for your hire department? Eg. Framed pictures of ancestors in very heavy glass and wooden frames – they are beautiful but will never be on display! 1960’s original Jaeger of London ladies suit – size 8. Ladies dress jewellery from the 60’s – clip on dangly earrings.
    Regards, Catherine. Ps tel no: 07933 733235.

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