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Cardiff Fantasy Centre Comics


To be found on the first floor of Jacobs. Cardiff Fantasy Centre is run by Dave this is a stall that promises to adhere to any comic fans inner addiction.



38 thoughts on “Cardiff Fantasy Centre Comics

  1. Hi I have a lot of Beano and Dandy annuals ranging from 87 to 2006 also have a1980 Sparky anual. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Medal collections x2 are you intrested in offering a price?

  2. Hi Dave

    I’m enquiring on behalf of a friend of mine in Aberdare, who’s got some old Marvel and DC comics lying about that he’s looking to sell. Would you be interested in the following items?:

    The Mighty Thor no 141 (Jun 1967)

    Batman No 209 (Feb 1969)

    The Brave & the Bold presents Batman And The Spectre (Dec/Jan 1967)

    Marvel Tales – Spidey vs The Green Gobliin (Jan/Feb 1969)

    All are in good condition, with slight creasings and/or dog-earings to covers. Two are price -stamped, one has the price written on it in biro. They’re all US printings which were sent from George’s aunt in the states after her children had read them. They’ve been kept out of the daylight and so aren’t faded or foxed at all. We can easily pop down to Cardiff if you’d like to see them for yourself.
    Many thanks


  3. Sorry for the delay in replying . I did not realise I could pick up messages on the main Jacobs website . I mainly deal in the new import comics that come out each week , and the various hardback and paperback reprints . I have so many back issues in that I am not buying any at the moment . You could try Troutmark in Cardiff opposite the castle or Silveracre on the web .

  4. Hey Dave,
    I was wondering if you sold Anime inside or any other magazines about Anime? If you do how much do you sell them for?

  5. The magazine Anime Insider was published for 70 issues only . The last came out in June 2009 . I have no back issues and do not know of any magazine about Anime being published at the moment . We have a monthly catalog called Previews and I suggest you have a browse through that in case anything appears in there.

  6. Hi i hav a few comics id like to offload. they are:
    Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles (DW) Issues 1-6
    Jurassic park: Redemption Issues 1 and 2
    Star Wars Infinites: The Empire Strikes Back Issues 1 and 2
    Batman Incorporated Issues 1-4
    Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne Issue 1
    Dracula: the company of monsters Issues 1, 2, 4, 5
    Star Wars Episode II Attack of The Clones Issues 1-4
    Star Wars Jedi Quest issues 1-4
    Fall Of The Hulks the Incredible Hulk #607
    Wolverine carnage
    Jennifer Blood Issue 1
    World Of Warcraft Ashbringer Issue 1
    Priest: Purgatory Issue 1

    Are u Willing to buy them?

  7. Sorry but I do not need any of these issues . How about trying Troutmark ?

  8. hi i am after some mass effect comics and wondered if u had any, the ones that i need are redemption 1+2+3 and evelution 1+4, and the mini series

  9. i have a full set of blade of the immortal comics issues 1-7 which i am willing to sell what would be the current value of these comics?

  10. 1 assume these are the Dark Horse issues with cover price of $2.95 from 1996 . The series ran for 131 issues and the first would go for £5 and the other 6 for £3 . I dont wish to buy them as most people collect the series in book form .

  11. what kind of manga do you sell?

  12. i have a few sets ( see website ) but can order any in print

  13. Hi Dave,

    I have the full collection of Los Bros Hernandez Love & Rocket books in VG condition. One is hardcover and signed. I have a few L&R comics as well (including a collector’s edition mag. . .also signed by the brothers when I was living in NYC) Any interest in taking them off my hands? They need a loving home.

  14. Sorry but I only have 3 customers who collect love and rockets and they have all the issues they want . You could try ebay as I dont think you will be able to sell them locally . Good Luck


  15. Hi i have over three hundred comics to sell, very good condition. Do you buy comics or shall i try selling online?

  16. Can you give me some more details . Titles , Age type and so on . Thanks

  17. Hi, I bought the IDW magic: the gathering issue 1 today, really happy with it. Any chance of putting in an order with you for all the other back and future issues? (please reply via email)

  18. please send me your email address . I am on . will ring Diamond tomorrow. Dave

  19. Nice to see you at the comic expo earlier this month. Looking forward to the bigger event in March!

  20. hey i have a collection of 1978 superman movie trading cards that im looking to sell how much do you think theyd be worth and would you be interested

  21. Sorry but I know absolutly nothing about trading cards and I have no idea as to where you might find the information .

  22. Hi i have a lot of dc and marvel comics from the early 1990,s up to present day would you be interested in coming to see what i have

  23. I am sorry but at present I have no space for any more back issues as I recently brought over 3000 . When hopefully a lot of them have sold I might be interested then. Do you want to contact me again in 6 months ? It would be good if you could send me a list of the titles you have as I might want some of them now if there is a demand for them . my email is .


  24. Hi there my partner has hulk comics for sale theres 9 of them just wondering if u buy them and how much ones from 1970 thanks

  25. hi, i have some Judge Dredd & 2000ad comics/annuals I plan to sell, I believe they start at prog 79 – 560, all in order, good condition, none missing, I live in merthyr area, wondering if it is the kind of thing that may interest you. I will get the exact prog numbers if you are interested. regards, Andy

  26. Sorry but not buying anything at the moment as have far too much unsold stock.

  27. hi. was wondering if you have any of the comics that were titled dark horse comics in your collection? thanks

  28. Have a few Dark Horse Presents but none of the original Dark Horse Comics

  29. hi, I’m coming to cardiff soon and was wondering if you have many silver age comics for sale, in particular Lois Lane and Daredevil? Also early Marvel & DC horror comics e.g. tower of shadows, weird mystery tales, etc. Cheers!

  30. Have a small number of silver age and a few of the horror comics . Open Thursdays and Fridays 11 till 3 and Saturdays 9.30 to 4.30 – website

  31. Hi do you sell the walking dead?early and late issues?thanks

  32. Do u buy Acne,Gutted,Zit,the real transformers COMICS,+ The Damned,the official biography book,Van Halen music books

  33. Met Dave and Co in the local hostelry Saturday and enjoyed the best time discussing the ‘S.F’ scene and it’s evolution over the last 60 years or so, everything from Supercar to Superman, I had the best time ever. These guys are true Guru’s of the subject and live the dream every single day ! Cheers Guys.

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