Our very first VINTAGE FAIR, will we see thou there?

We are opening up our newly refurbished 3rd Floor & holding our first VINTAGE FAIR. Expect: Live Music, Vintage Clothing & Accessories, Catwalk, Retro Goodies, Live Music, Teas & Cakes, Open Fire, Mulled wine and lots more!! Plus our other regular floors with over 30 permanent stall holders will also be open for you to mooch around and get yourself some ‘one off’ christmas gifts! (Antiques, Vintage, Jewelry, furniture, retro lighting, rare comics, rare film posters, military, records, Japanese Swords (Some are haunted BTW!), fossils………Etc)

This is a non-profit event and therefore stall’s can be booked at brilliant prices!

Jacobs Antiques Centre has been running for over 35 years now, but in recent years has been cut off from the city centre due to major building works to hotels surrounding it. But Allas the work is now complete and access to our beautiful Hidden Gem is now open once again from St Mary’s Street (Station end) YIPPY! To celebrate we are holding our first Vintage Fair! Please come and join in the fun 🙂

Winter Revamp

Winter is almost upon us my friends. Before the eves draw to a close ever earlier I thought it was about time to give the site a spruce-up.

Please find updated:

Press : Now with links to some websites who love us and some lovely articles on the market

Stalls: Now each stall is available in the submenu under stalls. Worry not dear readers and stall holders alike over the next couple of weeks we will be adding more stalls and a lot more information on each stall. (contact information, links to web sites etc)

Remember drop us a comment below if theres anything you would like to see included on the website.


Hello world!

Photograph by Tom Hartrey 2010

Welcome my friends, it’s been a while and I have been here waiting for you. Honestly, I have, I promise you that. I might look a little more weathered, a little harder on the eyes and indeed harder to spot as I am sandwiched between the ever changing cityscape but I have been here all along my little ones.

How I have longed to see your faces once more, to have you visit me and peruse the treasures I hide within my walls. Let’s make a pact? let’s get me some new acuaintances this summer. I’d like the visitors, it always gives one a good excuse to dress up and serve some cucumber sandwiches, sans la crusts of course and some delicious pims.

Would you come? If I promised you pims? of course you would, who would refuse.

So it’s a promise? good, I’ll put the wheels in motion, just you wait and see, I will make sure that I am looking my very best, of that you can be assured.

Untill then my sweets

Jacobs x